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In my spare time I like to DJ, I don't class myself as a great DJ which is why I do it as a hobby. I enjoy mixing songs together and find it relaxing at the same time. I recently purchased a Numark N4 controller.

Fade is a room in my house which I have dedicated to DJing. With lights, Effects and DJ equipment. I regularly invite friends round to entertain them.

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I recently purchased a new camera (Canon PS SX170) as I enjoy taking photos. Here are some albums of my latest photos. View albums here.

Based on an old project "Portsmouth Clubbing" is a website which offers details, reviews for the local clubs of Portsmouth, UK. I have decided to try this project again. Site available soon. Click here.

In September 2013 I was referred by a family member to build a site for a Royal Navy Association. I am still currently maintaining this website. Click here to view the site.

June 2010 I launched a fan site for a historical Manor house "Wymering Manor". I still maintain this site which is very popular for university students. Click here to view the site.

November 2008 I started working for Tesco PLC. I still currently work in the express format as a part-time Customer Assistant.

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