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About Me

Name: Liam Nash


Age: 22


Gender: Male


Profession: Retail / Freelance web design


My name is Liam, I live in Portsmouth UK. I currently work for a company called Tesco PLC (Retail) and work part-time. I also like to do freelance work in web design. I see myself as a friendly and happy person who is good at communicating with new people. I also have good skills involving interaction with customers and customer service. I studied City & Guilds IT at South Downs College in Portsmouth. I also enrolled myself for extra classes in Web design to learn more about Dreamweaver and other applications.


In my spare time I like to meet with friends and socialise, I also like to create websites and work on new projects. If you want to find out more about what I like to do in my spare time why not visit my Hobbies page.


For business opportunities please visit my contact page here.

- Technology -

I am fascinated by Technology and all the capabilities it offers. Years of technology has improved productivity, re-united lost loved ones, cured illnesses, and made day to day life that little bit easier.


Why do I like it?


I use Technology to create websites for projects, and casual messing around. Without technology I couldn't communicate with family as I can today, as some of my family don't live local.


Technology has allowed me to create new contacts in which I communicate with via interactive services and Peer 2 Peer.


I also have a big fascination with gadgets, I recently purchased an LG G2, LG TV, Numark N4 decks, created my own Desktop computer from scratch. Technology has allowed me to be the person I am today.

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